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The Barrels

Whiskey barrels are made out of solid quarter-sawn white oak. Depending on the dampness of the barrel, each one can weigh between 100-150 pounds They are 35” tall and 25” in diameter. Each barrel is made out of approximately 30-40 staves, two barrel heads, and six steel rings (or bands). Most barrels are still damp from the whiskey they once aged, so after we disassemble, it is important to allow time for the wood to dry. The inside of each barrel is charred, this is for flavor and color when the whiskey is aging. The charring also adds a great design element to each of our pieces. Charring on the staves and barrel heads is cleaned and sanded.

Schoeppner Designs

Designing and Building

When designing and making a piece of furniture it is essential to make strength and durability a top priority. Each piece is designed to boast the curved wood and story from each whiskey barrel, combining this with strength and durability, our pieces turn into something you can enjoy for a lifetime. This process does not happen overnight, as a result, many of our pieces take time to create. Please allow up to three-six weeks for some items to be made, in the end we guarantee you will be satisfied with your piece.


We only use clear finishes on our products. Each piece of wood has its own individual characteristics, often these are created when a barrel leaks or the steel bands rust. When these things happen the wood tends to get stained or discolored in certain areas. In our designs we choose to exploit these attributes. Choosing to not use any colored stains on our products creates a strong contrast between the natural color of the wood and the attributes the wood acquires through its life as a whiskey barrel.

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